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Changes to Facebook Page Templates

Facebook has made some recent changes to their Business Pages.   While the changes are quite different to the previous Facebook Page templates format, they are not as overwhelming or confusing as they first appeared. By making these changes, Facebook Pages...

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Social Media and Defamation Laws

Social Media and Defamation Laws – What Everyone Should Know In recent years, with the rise of social media, there have been many questions surrounding the use of social media and defamation laws. While those in the publishing industry have...

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Privacy Law Change May 2018

Privacy Law Change As mentioned in an email sent to our clients during the week, there have been some updates to the law coming into effect in the European Union this month that may affect the way you do business. You probably would have noticed the influx...

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Blog Writing & Creation

What the Blog??? No doubt most of you would have heard the term thrown around. But what is a blog? What do they do? Why do you need them?   So firstly, what is a blog? Simply a blog is a frequently updated online journal. They originated as a tool for...

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Spam Trigger Words

Spam can be a big concern for businesses and individuals alike. It's annoying, and your customer base certainly doesn't appreciate it! So how do you protect yourself and contacts from the nasty spam monster? Knowing the spam trigger words is a great start. The first...

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Online Security & SSL Certificates

With a recent update to Chrome by Google came a tightening of security.  This has changed how many businesses do online business, bringing with it new requirements for SSL certificates. So how does this affect your business?  Well, if your website requires any kind of...

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User Guide – Add/Edit a Post in WordPress

To add a new post, select “Posts” from the left-hand menu and select “Add New”       Click on “Use the Divi Builder”: In the “Add New Post” screen, enter the title of your new post in Enter Title Here (see ① below): Select “Insert Columns” to select...

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