Facebook has made some recent changes to their Business Pages.   While the changes are quite different to the previous Facebook Page templates format, they are not as overwhelming or confusing as they first appeared.

By making these changes, Facebook Pages is geared towards supporting businesses and providing functionality, while streamlining the whole Facebook experience for all users.

And at the end of the day, that can only be a good thing for everyone.

In the meantime, navigating the changes might seem daunting, especially if you are a business owner with an existing Facebook business page that is affected by this shift.

So, in order to help our business clients, we’ve worked out the details and created this user guide to help get some clarity and direction around the changes.

What is Different with the New Facebook Page Templates?

Facebook has created new Facebook Page templates, Page categories for different businesses and organisations.  So, depending on your business and how you use your Page, you need to choose one of the new Page types.

Each type of Facebook Page provides most of the standard features and functionality that your Page has always had.  There are some variations within each category, however, and to make it easier to understand we have created the following reference guide for you.

All of the green blocks are the features included in the Page category, while all of the red blocks are not available.

Facebook Page Templates

Using the above guide, you can choose the page type that is best suited to your business’ or organisation’s page – based on which Page Tabs you need or use the most.

If you’re not familiar with all of the Page Tabs available, here is a quick description of each one.

Home – The main landing area for your Facebook Page.

Posts – Shows all posts, including videos, photos and more.

Reviews – Shows reviews on your Page and allows people to write reviews.

Videos – Shows videos you’ve uploaded to your Page.

Photos – Shows photos you’ve uploaded to your Page.

About – Gives people an overview of your Page.

Community – Shows friends’ posts and public posts about your Page.

Groups – Lists the groups that you’ve linked to this Page.

Jobs – Lists job openings for your business.

Info and Ads – These are the ads an advertiser is currently running.

Offers – Lists current offers for your business.

Services – Gives you a space to highlight the services you offer.

Shop – Shows the products you want to feature.

Notes – Gives you a space to highlight notes on your Page.


Over time, we are sure that these changes to the Facebook Page templates will improve the Facebook experience for all users, which will result in it being a more effective business vehicle.