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User Guide – Add/Edit a Page in WordPress

Your website is like a book, and each page is like a page in that book. It has its own heading, content and images that make up the page. However, don’t get pages and posts mixed up: posts are snippets of content that you add to pages, much like the...

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How To Add a Hyperlink from the Format Bar in WordPress

How To Add a Hyperlink from the Format Bar in Wordpress From the Side Menu, Select Media ⇒ Library 2. Click on Add New 3. Click on Select Files, or alternatively you can drag and drop the file from the Explorer folder. 4. This will open a window in Explorer, or your...

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User Guide – Add/Edit a Post in WordPress

To add a new post, select “Posts” from the left-hand menu and select “Add New”       In the “Add New Post” screen, enter the title of your new post in Enter Title Here (see ① below): Click on “Use the Divi Builder”: Select “Insert Columns” to select your layout (see ②...

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