Dedicated Server Hosting from Web Marketing Angels

Web Marketing Angels can provide you with Dedicated Server Hosting for faster, more responsive websites.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of Internet hosting. The client leases an entire server that isn’t shared with anyone else. A Dedicated server is devoted to a single organization, as opposed to a shared server which acts as a host to multiple clients.

Why a dedicated host?

  • Increased reliability and up time
  • Increased speed of your website – 8 x faster than a shared server
  • Never have to worry about what other websites that are on a shared server may be doing to slow down website response times
  • Locally hosted in Australia

On a shared server, you don’t have control over sever-wide traffic, which can slow your website to a crawl. A dedicated server such as ours can turn website reliability into one of your site’s strengths

  • Customisation of features
  • Introduce better feeds, implement new software, and take your website management to the next level

For more information about how Web Marketing Angels can create Dedicated Server Hosting to suit your business needs, contact us today!


Web Marketing Angels - Dedicated Server Hosting

For more information about how Web Marketing Angels can create Dedicated Server Hosting to suit your business needs, contact us today!