Dedicated Server Hosting with WMA

Dedicated Server Hosting with WMA

Get a faster, more responsive website.

Dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting. Having a dedicated server hosting service ensures that your website is faster, more efficient and more reliable. With Web Marketing Angels, we dedicate space for your website in our servers. We lease an entire server that isn’t shared with anyone else. This means that you server is dedicated to your business or organisation, and you don’t have to worry about sharing your server with multiple clients. Sharing a space on a server can potentially slow your website down and may cause a whole host of problems.


Keep your website running at better speeds. Dedicated server hosting helps your website in the long run, and helps you maintain control over your website in more ways than one.

Dedicated Server Hosting with WMA

why a dedicated server?

You have more than one reason to lease a dedicated server with Web Marketing Angels. Some of the benefits of dedicated server hosting are:


  • Increased reliability and up time
  • Increased speed of your website – 8 x faster than a shared server
  • Never have to worry about what other websites that are on a shared server may be doing to slow down website response times
  • Locally hosted in Australia
  • Customisation of features
  • Introduce better feeds, implement new software, and take your website management to the next level

Work With Us

With over 15 years of experience and an established client base, Web Marketing Angels take pride in working with your business and dedicating space in our servers for your website.


Websites hosted on our dedicated servers daily.


Businesses with optimised websites and faster load times.

and more…

Clients looking to gain control over their online footprint.

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