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A strategic Public Relations system is essential to any business plan.

Public relations (PR) is the management of information between your business and the public. Generally, it focuses on gaining exposure for a business and obtaining data on your audience’s expectations of your business. It’s about an all-around integration of multiple techniques, systems and processes to increase client acquisition and retention.


Event Promotion is a great way to boost your business awareness and get your goods and services to the public. In conjunction with focused social media management and highly targeted digital marketing, a rigorously-planned event can help you in all aspects of your PR and promotional needs.

PR with Web Marketing Angels

Public relations

To be successful, PR has to create a positive and lasting image of your business. Building your connections with other businesses and the media is a great way of developing your reputation in the public eye. Some of these activities you can undertake include:

  • NBrand Marketing & Activation
  • NCrisis and Issue Management
  • NSocial Media Campaigns
  • NCorporate Communication
  • NEvent Promotion
  • NMedia Relations
  • NPublic Sector Campaigns
  • NEnd to End Event Management
  • NProduct and Service Launches
  • NEngaging Digital Content
  • NMedia Kit Development

Event Promotion

With over 30 years of experience with promoting and devising events and marketing campaigns, we aim to fully engage your desired future and existing clients. From start to finish, we assist in your PR and marketing endeavours with a well-planned and smoothly executed event. This entails:

  • NTheme Ideation and Development
  • NResources and Content Building
  • NDigital Marketing Campaigns
  • NCatering & Entertainment
  • NBudgeting
  • NROI
  • NMedia Relations
  • NTracking/Analytical Breakdowns
  • NRegistrations and Staffing
  • NRevenue and Networking

Your pr strategy can greatly impact your current and future marketing techniques.

Talking to people isn’t the only step involved in a successful PR campaign. Strengthening your existing connections and building new networks is a great starting point.

We aim to help you expand your growing business network, allowing you to reach more of your target audience, more effectively.


Events make your PR strategy worth the time, effort and resources. It pays off more than you expect.

Web Marketing Angels works with you to create an event that is well-planned and well-executed. We ensure that it all goes to the promotion of your business.

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