Director / Lead Angel –  As the Lead Angel of Web Marketing Angels, Tina has proven experience in all aspects of information technology leadership. She handles all clients’ projects from start to finish and ensuring that each project runs smoothly and efficiently. With her vast knowledge of online digital business solutions, Tina is our primary go-to angel for all our Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ad Words Management projects.

Tina has successfully gained her certification in Google Ad Words, and continues to train and test her knowledge base every year. This allows for each and every one of Web Marketing Angels clients’ Google exposure to be fully maximised for carefully selected keywords.


Web Developer / Second Brain – Working closely with Tina, Chantal is our front-end programming angel, spending a lot of her time converting our website designs from concept through to successfully working websites. She also helps to build and implement custom features!

Prime web develeoper by day, video game fanatic by night, Chantal is an all-digital kind of gal. We are also pretty sure Tina and Chantal two have some kind of iBrain sync software we don’t know about.


  • Web Design 95% 95%
  • Graphic Design 95% 95%
  • Google Analytics 95% 95%
  • Social Media 80% 80%


Copy Writer –  Meet our Web Marketing Angels copywriter, Lis. She works producing marketing copy, her vast knowledge in SEO copywriting and creative content creation are second to none. Lis’s creative approach in producing outstanding marketing copy results in a richer, deeper and more textured outcome. Lis has an outstanding portfolio which includes editing and producing articles for the Lonely Planet.

Her savvy wordsmith skills are essential to every website job Web Marketing Angels takes on board. She has a knack and love for writing, a comprehensive understanding of differing industries, and experience in SEO copywriting which helps all our websites achieve a higher organic ranking on search engines such as Google.

Lis has a great way of adapting and sustaining a company’s voice across all content.

  • Copywriting 100% 100%


 Social Media / Graphic Design / Office Princess – Bella is a pro at managing all forms of social media. She takes care of posts, interactions, promotions and cool photos for clients. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google + or Pintrest – Bella is your go-to girl! She’s also talented in graphic design, creating beautiful promotional images for the pages she manages.

She loves her coffee, the colour pink, her cats Pesto & Lira. As the youngest in the team, Bella is bright, bubbly and always has a joke up her sleeve.

  • Social Media 100% 100%
  • Graphic Design 90% 90%


Event Management & Co-Ordination – Max brings his years of experience of event management and event co-ordination to Web Marketing Angels for our Expo & Event Promotions.

Max also provides the team with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of subjects and a much valued asset to the office.

  • Event Management & Co-Ord 98% 98%


PHP Developer – Tim is our programming guru. He is captivated by new technologies which are emerging in today’s online world. This ranges from the latest PHP frameworks, to front-end JavaScript libraries and SQL management tools.

  • PHP 98% 98%
  • Java 90% 90%

Blogging Team

Web Marketing Angels also has a dedicated team of bloggers and writers across Australia who add the words to our websites and write some of regular articles & blogs.

All of our writers are based and live in Australia, so they understand the local regions and area. Our team regulary attend events around the country yet can also meet in the office face to face.


Purr-ministrator / Scratching Professional / Meow Welcoming Committee –  Our meet and greet angel, little Miss Cleo. Cleo takes care of any and all purring, scratching and meowing. As you walk through the doors of Web Marketing Angels, Cleo will be perched on a desk awaiting to greet you.

She is on strict instruction to make sure all our angels within each department is performing to the best of their ability.

  • Meowing 97% 97%
  • Purring 85% 85%
  • Scratching 99% 99%

Bear & Kirra

Lead Security –  Heading our security department, we have Bear and Kirra. This dynamic duo are in charge of all forms of security measures with in the surrounds of office.

The Web Marketing team are well and truly informed if clients have arrived, the postman is dropping off some new technology or if there is foul play afoot. We are also pleased to announce last month Kira received the employee of the month award (for the past few years).

  • Security 100% 100%
  • Hug-Recievers 99% 99%


Lead Document Destructor (General Destructor of Tina’s important items) – This four legged member of Web Marketing Angels reminds us on a daily basis that life is too short to worry about materialistic things… She does this by destroying them. Who needs chairs, scissors, doors and various other items left in the outdoor area?

We take great measure in protecting each and every Web Marketing Angels clients’ identity by securely destroying all important documents through a NAID member company know as iShred, we keep Astra as back up! Junk mail and shopping catalogues don’t stand a chance! We feel she is trying to communicate to Tina – NO MORE SHOPPING!

She is currently undertaking the security course lead by her mum and dad, Bear and Kira, in her spare time and aspires to attain the employee of the month award very soon.

  • Destroying Things 100% 100%
  • Home Decor Design (Destroying Things Artistically) 99% 99%

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