How To Fix A Broken Link

We’ve all had the moment when we finish making a post, check the links, and find out that they don’t work. This can be very frustrating especially when turning your computer on and off doesn’t work like it usually does.

In this guide, we will go over what to do when the link you post is not working.

There are a a couple of reasons a link could not work, such as an incorrect URL, caching, or an Embedded Redirect.

How to fix Broken Links

Fix 1: Incorrect URL

The first an most common reason for a broken Link is an incorrect URL.

URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator and is the way computers get directed to a website, image, or action. Computers are completely literate and therefore require the exact correct coding to be able to work and be directed to a page. If any letter, number, or symbol is incorrect, the link will not work.

To test if you have the correct link, simple copy and paste the link into the search bar in google. If it goes the page, you desired you have the correct link; If not you have not got the correct link and will have to re-copy the intended link


Fix 2: Caching

If you have the correct link and it is still not work, it may be caching.

Caching is the computer storing certain data, things like code, updates, version numbers, etc.

First save and refresh your page; test the link after doing this to check if that was the fix. If not do the following.

Try deleting the link and then re-pasting it. This should get rid of any caching data and force an update.


Fix 3: Embedded Redirect

If you have the correct link and it is going to a different page (not a 404 page) then there may be an Embedded redirect in the backend of your website.

An Embedded Redirect is a piece of code that manually redirects a user to a different page than what the link displayed dictates. If the above fixes do not work and you believe you have an Embedded Redirect on the backend of your page, please contact and we will remove this code for you.

How to fix Broken Links

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