Here are 5 tips for your website that you can do now to improve its performance

1. Optimize your website – It’s great to have an amazing, beautifully designed website (virtual shopfront) but all that work goes to waste if your new shopfront (website) is hidden in a back street and no one gets to see it. By optimizing your website, you can increase your visibility to search engines such as Google and allow your clients both present and future to be able to find you easily and show them what you can do.

2. Do not bulk email your client list – Whilst keeping in touch with your client base is an intelligent thing to do, there are legalities that strictly govern this contact and are covered in the Spam Act 2003. These legalities cover three main areas. Consent, Identification and Unsubscribe options.  These are governed by ACMA who have the ability to issue formal warnings, undertake legal federal proceedings and even issue hefty fines. We can conduct electronic Direct Mail campaigns to your client base on your behalf that conform strictly with all Australian guidelines.

3. Keep the website up to date –  Nothing screams unprofessional like outdated content. Whether it be an ‘upcoming event’ that actually occurred months ago or even staff movements etc. the dreaded words “sorry it’s not updated on our website” can be the difference between good and great. We offer a care package that can help keep your content up to date, fresh and relevant.

4. Bigger images are not better –  While huge images on your pages may seem like a good idea they can severely impact your website’s efficiency. Longer load times and running speed cause people to ‘bounce back’ or leave your website. We design your site so the images are impactful while not adversely affecting your website’s performance ensuring a beautiful, polished and fast website.

5. Hosting outside of Australia –  While the slightly lower costing associated with non-local hosting may appear attractive, the negative impact to your website is definitely not worth it. Longer load times, instability and lower google ranking are just a few of the reasons why international hosting is not a good idea.