Programs and Apps Everyone Should Get on their PC

It’s tax return time. It’s also a great time to purchase a new PC and there are new PC apps that you may consider installing.
When purchasing a new PC, it’s a good idea to get your favourite programs or some new PC apps. They could make your life (and work) much easier. Here’s a reminder of some classic apps, and an introduction to newer hidden gems.

Some of the staples include:

VLC Media Player

If you watch videos on your PC, this is for you. It has been solid for decades because it plays just about any video file.


This is unbeatable for compressing or decompressing files. It’s free and supports all popular compression formats.


This image viewer is cut above the rest. It also has basic batch processing and editing capabilities. It’s helpful if you’re a digital content creator but if you’re after some professional level digital content for your business, it’s best to seek Web Marketing Angels. With over 20 year’s experience in advertising sales marketing, they’ve worked with over 1000 businesses. Their expertise centre around website design, SEM, social media, advertising, graphic design, event promotion, content creation, Adwords and marketing.

apps everyone should get on their pc

Newer Apps You Might Consider


It shows you a list of useful apps and lets you pick the ones you want on your PC. With a click, it installs all apps in one go.

Microsoft PowerToys

A set of tools that adds advanced features. Some examples include locating your mouse cursor quickly and a spotlight-like search function. You can look at their suite of tools and decide which you need the most.


This is an advanced screenshot tool that works well and is configurable. You can set up the app for complex workflows, such as storing screenshots to your clipboard or uploading screenshots to multiple cloud locations. Screen recordings and capturing GIFs are easy.

apps everyone should get on their pc

This is a free equalizer and volume control app. It boasts several usesful equalizer presets that optimize sound output for different types of audio.


Always have a bootable USB drive. If your computer is infected or crashes, you can use this bootable drive to boot into your preferred operating system and troubleshoot issues. Ventoy requires you to format the drive only once.

There are countless apps floating around. You’ll be able to find the best ones to suit your lifestyle or your business. Be sure to contact the experts at WMA for all your digital marketing needs.