COVID19 – Information for Employers

Web Marketing Angels are help to help during the COVID19 epidemic, and would like to share information that could be useful for our clients. Find below information for employers, including WorkSafe Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services and links to services that you may find helpful.

Web Marketing Angels - COVID19 Information for Employers

WorkSafe Victoria Frequently Asked Questions,

If my employee contracts COVID-19 at work will they have an entitlement to compensation?

Workers compensation claims relating to COVID-19 will be considered on individual merits. As with all claims, the injury must be work-related to be compensable. As the virus can be contracted through community contact as well as workplace exposure, there needs to be a clear link between an employee’s employment and contracting the virus for a claim to be accepted. This is similar to other conditions such as influenza, measles and gastroenteritis.

What if my employee sustains an injury working from home?

Any injury sustained whilst undertaking work duties away from usual work premises, such as working from home, is also considered as occurring in the course of employment and is covered by your policy. This includes injuries sustained during an authorised recess or break, but does not include after hours or when the person is not performing work duties

Do employer’s RTW obligations still exist given the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, an employer’s RTW obligations (those within sections 103-109 of the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (WIRC Act) remain in place. However, these obligations are “to the extent reasonable” and each individual claim would need to be reviewed to determine what is required in that particular situation.

For the latest and most up to date information, please visit the WorkSafe Victoria website.



The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website also has useful resources and up to date information in regards to COVID19. The latest on restrictions, press releases from the Premier and also daily COVID19 updates.



Useful Resources

This is an unprecedented and difficult time for businesses around the country. Businesses are trying to stay operational and employees are concerned for their employment, it’s an important to time to look after our mental health. 

Beyond Blue have provided resources to looking after your mental health during the COVID19 crisis.

The Australian Psychological Society have also brought together tip for coping with coronavirus anxiety.

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