With a recent update to Chrome by Google came a tightening of security.  This has changed how many businesses do online business, bringing with it new requirements for SSL certificates.

So how does this affect your business?  Well, if your website requires any kind of client security, such as client logins or shopping carts, you’ll need to purchase the new SSL Certificates. Without them, the security of your clients and customers may be vulnerable.  In layman’s terms, you cannot guarantee that their information is safe.

And even if you don’t have a shopping cart on your website, the benefits of the new SSL Certificates are huge!  Google always favours secure sites when it comes to ranking.  This means your chance of ranking higher in search engines is greater with the Certificate.

At Web Marketing Angels, we take the security of your websites seriously.  We also understand that technical stuff can be a little overwhelming!  So we are now offering SSL Certificates as part of our services, to make the process of securing your website as simple as possible.

For those of you who feel like a bit more technical light reading, you can find out more about the impending impact of unencrypted websites here.

The pricing for the SSL Certificates is below.  If you purchase a longer term Certificate, you can save some extra dollars for your business.  With everything else you invest, we’re sure you’ll agree that these certificates are a small price to pay to ensure your business is safe and that you get the full benefit your digital marketing efforts.

Shoot us an email to jump on board, lock down your website and get Google working for you!


Premium SSL Certificate



 1 year$150
 2 years$265
 3 years$350