Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Blow Your Mind

Has it really taken this long to get our heads around the Keyboard Shortcuts we behold at the very tips of our fingers?

Let’s talk about some Keyboard Shortcuts that are bound to increase your productivity at the keyboard. You will be amazed at how many quick tricks there are on the keyboard and how easy they are to use.

Web Marketing Angels - Keyboard Shortcuts

So, the first thing that will surprise you is that there are Keyboard Shortcuts for literally every letter of the alphabet. As long as it’s accompanied by the magic Ctrl (or Command if you’re on Mac!) key, letter A to Z offer you a short cut to actions you use every day as well as some you didn’t know exist.

Most people will know the more common Keyboard Shortcuts. Control C is copy, Control V is paste and Control U is underline. Easy we hear you say! Well stay with us here, there’s a few more. Just highlight the text that you need to work on. Control A if you want to select all and Control S if you need to save. The more confident among us already knew those too. Well, look what comes next.

For text alignment press Control and then choose L for left, R for right and E for centre. This makes so much sense, right? Control J to Justify text – what does that even mean? This action adjusts the text so that it falls flush with both the left and right margin making your document look super neat.

Looking for something? Press Control F for find and Control G to go to. Then it gets a little techy. Control Q for reverse indent and a T for a hanging indent. To replace, hit Control H and Control K to insert a hyperlink – now that’s handy! Jump ahead through the alphabet to Control Z for Undo and Control Y for redo action.

Get to know these and all of a sudden, you’re going to be more efficient and productive at the computer. The more you use the Keyboard Shortcuts, the better you’ll get. Once you’ve tried them all, don’t forget to Control W and close the document. You’re welcome!


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