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What Shipping Methods Should I Install on My Website?

Business is about an exchange – you customer pays you in exchange for your products or services. In a digital word, we don’t even need to leave our homes to shop (and wasn’t that convenient during COVID lockdowns).

Whether you already have a website for your business or are in the early stages of planning, the question of ‘what shipping methods should I install on my website?’ has probably crossed your mind. It’s a great question, so let’s walk through some of the options.

Local Pick-up

If you provide products from a physical store or warehouse offering local pickup is a great way to encourage local customers. It’s of benefit to the customer as they don’t need to pay any shipping costs, nor do you need to worry about packaging or the potential problems that come with shipping. Local pickup will only cover a limited area but if you have a physical place of distribution, you should consider including this shipping method.

Shipping within Australia

The most obvious option for shipping within Australia is AusPost, but there are many others such as DHL and StarTrack. The cost of this shipping method will depend on the size of the package and potentially the item value and any upgrades or inclusions you or your customer choose such as express post.

The Australia Post website provides services through which you can estimate that cost. You may consider offering free shipping by increasing your product price and absorbing the shipping costs. This shipping method increases your reach nationwide, but it does add costs and the potential of damage or loss. Oh, and don’t forget to consider the additional time and cost for packaging.

International Shipping

Australia Post, DHL, and StarTrack (among others) can deal with your international shipping as well. Offering international shipping will extend your reach worldwide, however, there are quite a few things to consider. Will you offer all your products to every country? Can you? Shipping costs and times can vary greatly between countries.

There is also the consideration of customs – some countries may not allow your product. Luckily, AusPost provides details of restrictions.  

Electronic Delivery

What if some of your saleable items aren’t physical products? Do you sell electronic products and items such as eBooks?  If so, electronic delivery through automatic download would be your ideal shipping method. Of course, this can only be used for something that can be downloaded so it’s limited in its use, but it also means that your paper-based or printable products can be converted for electronic delivery. This shipping method eliminates packaging and shipping costs and delivery can be instant.

The shipping methods you choose to have on your shopping cart website will depend entirely on your products, your customers, and your own situation. Consider all of these and use all suitable options to maximise your reach and customer satisfaction.

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WMA - What Shipping methods should I install on my website (2)