Never underestimate the power of typography! Every key digital marketing player knows that the right Social Media Fonts are vital for grabbing the attention of their target audience.

When it comes to branding and business identity, we all know that images and graphics are important, but some fall into the trap of not treating social media fonts as a priority. They should, in fact, be high on the list of things to get right!

If you don’t get your social media fonts right, your digital marketing strategy could take the hit. You want your visitors and readers to be able to clearly understand your posts, after all. The harder it is to read, or the less attractive the font is, you risk your posts being less engaging.

So, what are the big winners in the font race when according to all the key social media platforms? Check out our infographic below to find out which fonts and colours they all use.

Social Media Fonts

The clear winner is…

Well, it depends on what device or operating system you’re using, but Segoe UI and Roboto are the frontrunners.

If you’re viewing through Windows, then Segoe UI seems to top the popularity list – it is the font of choice for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Messenger. For macOS and OS, these guys have chosen San Francisco as the default font.

These same platforms – as well as Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube – use the font Roboto for Android. Snapchat deviates from the rest on the Windows and macOS operating systems, using Avenir Next.

Other platforms, such as LinkedIn, Google Business, and Vimeo have their own preferred fonts, but the general trend is towards clean, sans serif fonts that are easy on the eye and look attractive with other graphic design elements.


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