What the Blog???

No doubt most of you would have heard the term thrown around. But what is a blog? What do they do? Why do you need them?


So firstly, what is a blog?

Simply a blog is a frequently updated online journal. They originated as a tool for people to share their personal lives, stories and experiences with the world but have quickly developed into an invaluable business tool.


What does a blog do?

When utilized correctly a relevant, well written and optimized blog published on your website will help google to find and rank your business in it’s search results. Google is extremely smart and if the background work and site maps are completed correctly by us, Google will scan your website almost daily for any changes and will update your ranking accordingly.


Why do you need blogs?

Quite simply, the better and more frequently you rank on google, the easier it is for people to find you when they haven’t searched for your exact business name. If you’re a sign writer in Dandenong, and a person searches for “Signs Dandenong” we want to optimize your website, so you naturally rank as often as possible. And Blogs help. A lot. The more blogs you have on your area of expertise, the easier you make it for google to find you and rank you.


For more information on how to get blogs for your business simply give us a quick call and we can discuss what we can create for you.