SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way that a website can gain traffic organically.


Major search engines (such as Google and Bing) use an algorithm that picks up on key words, phrases, reputation and links to give users options that match their search results. The more you work with the algorithm, the more likely your website will appear higher up on search pages. However, algorithms constantly fluctuate, so you need to work with it to be updated on where can gain traffic from. SEO is a fluid and unpreditable tool, but it’s a very important factor in online marketing today.

The best way to boost your website (aside from paying Google Adwords that is) is to involve all these key factors into the content of your website. A great way is through a regular flow of blogs (see “Why Add a Blog to Your Website?” for more info).


What do you mean by Melbourne SEO?

Funnily enough, this blog right now is incorporating the use of SEO to give you an example. When people search for something, they usually add a location, to find a business in their area. As we live in Melbourne, we found that people are searching for “ Melbourne SEO ”.  Either gain a better understanding of SEO or to find companies like us that specialise in optimising websites. So, we have added the key phrase “ Melbourne SEO ” to this so search engines pick up on this blog and suggest it to potential clients. Perhaps that is how you found us!


How do I use SEO?

There are a few factors that come into SEO as mentioned before. Here are a few ways to use SEO to boost your website.

Melbourne SEO


Whatever your business may be, blogs are handy to update your customers or clients on how your business is running. Some companies display their latest products, tips or testimonials.

It’s best to use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor the traffic of your website. This is so you can find out what people are searching for and use those exact words in your blogs.

For instance, if I had a pet grooming website, and I knew potential clients were googling “Melbourne Pet Grooming”, I would design a blog based on this phrase. However, this phrase has to be incorporated not just in the title, but in the text a couple of times for it to register with search engine algorithms.

Melbourne SEO


Yes, you can gather organic traffic through images too! With the same general idea as a blog, images on your website can boost traffic, whether it’s included in a blog or featured in a gallery on your website. Whatever the case, images are highly detectable to search engine algorithms when they have a strong alt tag.

In a nutshell, an alt tag is a phrase that describes the image. What should I write as my alt tag? Your keywords of course! Using the previous example, if I had my business logo for my pet grooming service on a blog, I would add the alt tag “Melbourne Pet Grooming” to match the blog and boost the post. The same goes for this blog, with the images including the alt tag Melbourne SEO.

Especially when used in conjunction with a blog, adding an alt tag to your image (through WordPress or any other website editor) will boost your blog in the search results and your image in the image results!

Melbourne SEO

Links and Reputation

It’s a good idea to spread the word of your business and have your links appear on multiple platforms.

If you’re known for great work, mutual recommendations between other businesses is a great way to have your blogs or website address appear in many corners of the internet. The more websites that are linked back to you, the more search engine algorithms will pick up on your presence and boost you to the top of the search page.

If you haven’t reached a point where you can use mutual recommendations, try expanding your business from a single domain to a Facebook page, Youtube channel or Instagram.

Facebook is a great place to gain traffic and to back link your blogs from your website. This helps transfer the visitors from Facebook to your website. You can also connect with clients through chat on comments and boost your reputation through reviews. Facebook reviews are especially great. Facebook’s algorithm is always suggesting things to clients and their friends, friends of friends and so on.

A Youtube Channel can be successful if your website contains product demonstrations or other things that need a video to promote. Youtube videos are also easy to link to your website as opposed to some other video viewing systems.

Instagram is a newer platform for business. Again, for client communication and displaying content, Instagram is yet another way to gain traffic.

Try having a profile across all these platforms to be in touch with all forms of communications and to open yourself up to be found easily. Additionally, using SEO across these platforms will help your immensely. How can you use SEO on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram? The faithful tag of course! Tag as much as you can, with as many keywords as possible for maximum results!

Melbourne SEO

In this advanced age, SEO is all the rage and important to any online website. With these tips on how to optimise your website, you’ll be more likely to succeed online with your business. Once you begin to understand how the internet works, it becomes simple. You learn to work with its many algorithms and to boost yourself up to the top – virtually for free! All with some clever wordplay and strategic linking.

For your Melbourne SEO needs, our SEO Copywriters are happy to help optimise your website and create some stunning blogs and content. Simply contact Web Marketing Angels for a quote.