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Google AdWords® is a service provided by Google that helps you to advertise listings, products, content or ads through Google’s search engine. This is a paid service that can greatly boost your exposure.



Google AdWords Partner - AdWords

Google AdWords® ads help to reach as much as 80 percent of all Internet users globally. This is the reason why it is the Internet’s leading provider of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords® can also harness two types of advertising: pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM).


 The way Google AdWords® works is through keywords.  As your business, you can bid on a keyword and have your listing appear in the ‘sponsored’ listings section of a Google search page.  Once someone searches for that keyword that you have bid on, your listing will appear at the top of their search page. With the right strategy and keyword in mind, you can potentially give your website or business a large amount of exposure to your target audience.


Google AdWords® also offers incredible control and flexibility to advertisers. You can set monthly budgets, specify geographic targets and much more.

Web Marketing Angels are qualified Google Partners. This means we train and learn from Google themselves to ensure you get the best results possible from Google AdWords®. With years of experience with Google and extensive training, Web Marketing Angels are a leader in Google AdWords® management.

We monitor your campaigns and update as it progresses to ensure you get the absolute most out of what you put in. We also provide you with ongoing custom reports that details all you need to know about the progress of your campaigns.

We believe that Google AdWords® is an important part of any business – especially those that are online and rely on their website. With the right strategy regarding your Digital Marketing and SEO and a good understanding and approach to Google AdWords®, your website is more likely to receive higher traffic, more views and give your business the recognition it deserves.

With Web Marketing Angels, you can be sure that your Google AdWords® campaigns are running smoothly and getting the best results possible. We are constantly updating our knowledge and working with Google AdWords® as an integral part of Digital Marketing.

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