Grand Opening Event Promotion That Works Every Time

We’d love to share with you Web Marketing Angels latest Grand Opening Event Promotion for an exciting new store in Melbourne’s South East.

Kilsyth Outdoor Store is a premier, family run establishment specializing in 4 x 4 and outdoor products. They recently asked us to handle their Grand Opening Event Promotion. Here’s how we pulled it all together.

The power of social media is well recognised, however there’s a skill to making it work for your business. Well-timed and relevant advertising was scheduled on social media sites to maximise the reach of the Grand Opening Event Promotion. The success of this marketing strategy can be directly measured through engagement stats – so we knew it was working.

Grand Opening Event Promotion

Another strategy we employed to improve exposure was through Google AdWords. This is an advertising system that uses certain key words, which when searched, will produce a clickable ad link for a business. Since businesses pay per click, it’s essential the words selected are relevant and cost effective. This strategy put the Kilsyth Outdoor Store in a prime position to snag new customers looking for their product, and will continue to keep them forefront in customer searches and customer minds.

A more traditional approach perhaps, but an important part of the entire campaign, was the design of promotional materials. Attractive photographs, clever copy and good design, created material to catch people’s eye and provide the information they needed to check out the stores grand opening. Targeted positioning of these materials reached a broader audience that may have missed the online message.

Grand Opening Event Promotion
Grand Opening Event Promotion

With a great story, a professional team and fantastic 4 x 4 and outdoor products, Kilsyth Outdoor Store was an amazing business to market. A great campaign strategy can pay for itself over and over again. For the best advice and expertise for your Grand Opening Event Promotion talk to Web Marketing Angels.