While a lot of marketing is purely online nowadays, in some industries a physical presence via events is still important… and so is Event Promotion.

The recent Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo is a perfect example.

Imagine if you found a digital marketing company that can go beyond the standard service offerings and assist with Event Promotion too!  Web Marketing Angels does just that, covering all aspects of marketing from social media to public relations.

You see, with a solid track record and years of experience in marketing and business development, you’re not only getting great digital services with the WMA team.  Take, for example, the recent Event Promotion service that we provided for the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo in October.

The Wedding and Bride event promotion strategy was multi-layered and extensive.  Below is a snapshot of the key strategies that Web Marketing Angels engaged in the leadup to and during the Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo.

Event Promotion Melbourne


Taking advantage of Google’s search engine advertising service was an important part of the event’s promotion.  An event means that all marketing is time critical.  AdWords is a fantastic way to ensure that an upcoming event gets the best exposure to the target audience as quickly as possible.  It works best when combined with other tools that generate interest organically.

WMA has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve significant results with AdWords.  For the Wedding and Bride event, a lot of foresight and time went into carefully assessing and working with the best keywords.

Social Media Management

Knowing what to post and when to post it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.  There is a lot of ongoing management with social media marketing that often gets overlooked. 

From custom graphics specifically designed for social media, to adopting a mix of both Awareness and Call to Action campaigns, the Web Marketing Angels team had everything mapped out.

When it comes to social media marketing, quality and consistency are paramount.  The best results come from both precision and care. 

Sometimes it is prudent to leave the tricky planning and navigating of the social media jungle to the experts.

Event Promotion Melbourne

PR Opportunities

While digital marketing is vital, public relations can really take event promotion to the next level.  If you’re not familiar with the nature of public relations as part of a marketing plan, it is about creating an organic connection between your business and its target audience. 

Networking and approaching other media outlets to help forge that connection is at the heart of good PR.

Web Marketing Angels works closely with Little Train PR to add this extra layer to all our event promotion strategies. 

Part of the Wedding and Bride Event Promotion PR plan included approaching Channel 7 to attend the event and provide free coverage of the Express Elopement that took place at the expo. 

This was one of the key competitions run throughout the promotional period, and it made the Channel 7 News.

Do you have an upcoming event and need to get the word out?  Find out how Web Marketing Angels can help… contact the team today.