wow brows


Are you looking to get your eyebrows waxed, or are you looking for a place to be regularly pampered? Then you should check out the services of Wow Brows by visiting their website, created by Web Marketing Angels.

Wow Brows offer a variety of services, which include: cosmetic tattooing, facials, and waxing and eyelash treatments.

Cosmetic tattooing involves depositing pigment into the skin using a pen-style machine. Wow Brows provide the option of the microblading or feathering technique for brow tattooing, as well as a top eyeliner, bottom liner and even a beauty spot.

As well as a variety of cosmetic tattooing options, Wow Brows also offer many facial treatment options. These include microdermabrasion, which removes the dead or dull surface layer of skin, and sonophersis, which uses ultrasound to penetrate vitamins deep into the skin.

You can combine beauty treatments to create your own pamper day! The variety of options with these facials include: a combination microdermabrasion/sonophersis treatment, a microdermabrasion with peel, or the choice between a relaxing facial or a deep cleansing facial, and a teen facial.

Wow Brows waxing and eyelash services are where customers can reap the most variety out of all of their services. Their waxing services aren’t just limited to eyebrows. They also offer waxing for the face, lips, chin, legs, G-string, bikini, arms and underarm.

You can also give your lashes some TLC. Their eyelash treatments include: an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint, eyebrow shaping, and an eyelash lift.

So if these services fit your needs, check out the website and contact Wow Brows. There’s also a page of FAQs to answer some questions, which are particularly beneficial if you are going to Wow Brows for the first time. Make an appointment to see Nikki, who has over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, and she will take care of your eyebrow, waxing, facial and beauty needs.