What is it?

The 17th of May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, which commemorates the day that the International Telecommunication Union was formed in 1865. This day is to raise awareness on differing national policies on information in the digital age and to bridge the technological gap – to bring the power of information to everyone.


Why is it Important?


World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 1


As the world becomes more advanced, it is important to be a part of the society we live in. The Digital Divide (the difference between those that do and do not have access to technology e.g. the internet), is slowly closing, however, there are still about 15% of Australians who do not have access to digital information (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics). This means some of the population does not use online facilities for routines such as bill paying, budgeting or account management (tax, super, banking or medical). Many companies are ditching the paper and in-person meetings and moving onto quick and efficient online alternatives. Very soon, everything will have to be done online. So, is crucial to raise awareness and give access to those who don’t have it yet.


Why Should I Support Digital?


World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2


Most the world is now living in a digital world. Not only are people working day to day through the internet and running their daily chores, but they are also communicating online. Society lives and breathes on apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We like to talk and make friends through these platforms and most of our conversing and ‘hang outs’ happen online. Before the internet, we were unable to have friends overseas without having met them first. How strange is it to think about that? I bet you’re thankful for the internet for helping you meet your best friend through Xbox Live or Facebook! Without the internet, our means of socialisation (a key factor in human survival and behaviour) wouldn’t be as deep and broad.

In terms of future generations, the internet will be a cornerstone in education and business. Current generations born in the 2000s have never studied without the help of internet access or computers! In current Universities, students bring tablets and laptops to class to access textbooks and submit assignments. For most high schools, students use online forums to talk with their teachers. In primary schools, children use interact whiteboards to save making a mess and the loss of information by saving drawings and equations in files on the whiteboard. For today’s businesses, most stores function online for orders and stock management and most advertisements are – you guessed it – online.

It seems that everything is quicker and more efficient online as education and business are the fastest it has ever been. To support digital means to support time management and access to information and education for all.


How Can I Become ‘Digital Savvy’?


World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 3


Whatever your age or occupation, entering the digital world can be as simple as you allow it to be! With many web pages offering tutorials on anything from recipes to coding, the help is endless. Joining the social culture and business society is simple now with accessible platforms and step-by-step guides from companies – for example, most Government companies offer methods to pay bills online on the bottom of their physical bills.

Another great way to join the ranks is to bring your business online! Creating web pages, stores or blogs are good for boosting your audience and having your business recognised. There are countless professionals now that focus on online marketing that can help you take steps to be on top of the ladder in the online world.

So why not start with us? Need a website for your business? Let us help you bridge the gap and bring you into the digital age. Help support World Telecommunication and Information Society Day!

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