The energy, beauty and vibe of Victoria’s wine region made designing the Wineries of Victoria website an exercise in refinement.

It’s not a difficult sell when you have one of the most spectacular wine regions in the world to profile. For the Wineries of Victoria website, the only tricky part was fitting in all that this industry has to offer.

Encompassing several separate regions with unique climates and geographical features, Victoria is internationally recognised as a producer of superb wines. Profiling the different wineries and the artists behind the drops, the Wineries of Victoria website provides an in-depth study of what makes this region tick. You’ll discover the benefits of blended wines, the importance of terroir and how to find an underground cellar dating back to the 1860’s. It’s a how to and where to go guide for food, wine and nature lovers.

Wineries of Victoria

As well as interesting insights from the grass roots, you’ll also find an up to date lineup of events, concerts and attractions to help plan your visit. Hear about the latest awards and the best wines of the season; scroll the website for the latest news and views and some amazing recipes to try at home.

Stunning images and detailed information make you want to step through the cellar door of any one of the featured wineries. Although the focus is on the vineyards, the history and culture of the area is also turned over to paint a story of provenance. With informative articles on the region, the wineries and the wine makers, you can do your research before you set off to explore.

If you enjoy the finer things in life and love the outdoors, then you should plan to Victoria’s wine region. Once you check out the smorgasbord on their site, you won’t be able to resist visiting the Wineries of Victoria to see (and taste) for yourself.

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