Why should I host my site on Melbourne servers?

If you’re in business and want to keep your online presence on a local level, have you considered hosting your site on Melbourne servers?

The importance of performance, security, and website accessibility are all big factors that come into play when hosting your site on Melbourne servers.

WMA - Why should I host my site on - Melbourne servers

Choosing a hosting site on Melbourne servers, especially if you want to target your audience locally or your business is based in and around the local city area is one avenue full of significant advantages.

What is web hosting?

Every website you have ever been to or will visit in the future has web hosting. So what is it? Web hosting is where a hosting provider has space on a server to store all the files relating to a specific website. This in turn allows all these files (think images, videos and also code) to then be viewed online by those who visit the website.

Bringing you up to speed

When you visit a website, you essentially want it to be working fast and efficiently. If your customers are based locally and chances are with an Australian small business they will be, then it’s a great reason to consider hosting your site locally. This will mean faster loading times for potential visitors to your website.

When someone accesses a website, data has to travel from the server to the user’s device. The physical proximity of the server reduces the distance data needs to travel, resulting in quicker response times and a more responsive website.

WMA - Why should I host my site on Melbourne servers

The SEO benefits

We all know the important of Search Engine Optimisation in the world of business.

Search engines like Google try to match users with relevant website content about their physical location.

By hosting your website on a Melbourne server, you can improve its loading speed for users in the region, leading to better SEO performance and visibility in local search results, bringing those potential customers even closer to you.

Local support
Keeping it local and not overseas means your much-needed support when things go pear shaped is on the same time zone as you. If a technical glitch happens, you can talk to someone in real time to have it fixed. This means your website remains accessible when you need it most!

If you’re still thinking to yourself, why should I host my site on Melbourne servers?

Well, at Web Marketing Angels, we know the importance of hosting your site on a Melbourne server. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our team and we’ll talk you through what you need to know.