What is website marketing?

If it feels like a foreign world to you, we’re here to break down website marketing in a way that makes a little more sense.

Essentially website marketing is using the internet to promote your business to those who may be interested in your product/service.

Website Marketing

There are many different ways of using web marketing

Starting with the highly popular Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s commonly known.

Then to Search Engine Advertising (pay per click), email, social media, logo design and branding, commercial photo and video and of course the likes of what you’re reading right now, blog writing.


Highlight your business to potential customers and stand out above the rest

  • SEO – This is the best way to improve your site ranking in search results online. SEO is pretty important because most people use good old Google to ask questions or find solutions to big problems. Then higher you rank, the bigger the chance you have of being noticed by potential customers.
  • Search Engine Advertising – When it comes to pay per click ads, you can target the traffic you want visiting your site and basically means you’re paying for someone to stop by.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other many platforms provide you with a mega audience of potential customers to promote products, services and events.
  • Email – an oldie but a goodie, email marketing is still a great way to target your audience one-on-one.
  • Logo design and branding – Put your best foot (or brand) forward by staying fresh with a great logo and branding that showcases your business.
  • Commercial photo and video – Every business needs professional photos/video to truly represent their business and what you are about.
  • Blog marketing –The written word is a great way to target your audience and be seen in all the right places. Blogging and copywriting will also keep your business relevant.
  • Website design – your website is the window to your business and the best place to give off that lasting first impression and utilise SEO to your full advantage.
Web Marketing Angels

If you don’t feel you’re using web marketing to the full potential of your business.

The team at Web Marketing Angels (WMA) is here to help. Check out our website for all the contact details and we’ll be in touch.