Are you new to business and need to put yourself out there? Or is your business established but you’re not reaching enough people? Or does your business just need a marketing overhaul? No matter which of these situations your business in, web marketing can help.

what is web marketing?

What is Web Marketing?


So what is web marketing? Believe it or not, web marketing isn’t just one simple thing. Web marketing is a combination of different types of online advertising.

What is web marketing, when you talk about search engines? We are talking about search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO). Both of these types of web marketing help increase a business website’s visibility on search engines—SEM helps increase a website’s visibility in search engine results through online advertising, while SEO helps increase a website’s ranking in these results by using targeted strategies.

what is web marketing?

What is web marketing when you talk about the different types of online advertising? We are talking about display and pay per click (PPC) advertising. Display advertising is the online version of a newspaper or billboard ad, in that it’s a static ad on a website. In contrast, PPC advertising involves buying visits to your business’ website by paying a fee every time the ad is clicked.

What is web marketing when you talk about being friendlier and taking a more personal approach? We are talking about social media, email and referral marketing. Social media marketing involves promoting your business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is one of the easiest web marketing strategies as, unless you choose to purchase promotion plans, it is free to set up and use. Email marketing can reach out to people directly through the distribution of ads—text, image, video or newsletter—through email. Referral marketing is an online version of word of mouth, which can be accomplished through social platforms, loyalty programs, and online reviews.

what is web marketing?

To take your web marketing to another level, multimedia forms of advertising such as video and audio can come in handy, as they can be unique and appealing to the eyes and ears respectively.

So when your family, friends, fellow business owners, and even potential customers and clients ask, “what is web marketing?” Now you can tell them and you can utilise it for yourself and your business.

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