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Do you need a Wedding Venue Website Redesign?

When was the last time your page underwent a new website design? If you can’t remember, chances are it’s time to venture down that path and the team at Web Marketing Angels can help bring it to life.

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The first step into creating a website that is easy to use and attracts customers or clients is to talk with us.

Like Daly Waters who has a wonderful location for weddings and ceremonies, they were after a website that was unique.

Avoiding the standard and poor performing generic website builder apps, had Daly Waters turn their image around and increase traffic.

Web Marketing Angels were able to identify where the clients website was underperforming and knew exactly what to do.

Once a vision of what Daly Waters wanted to achieve was clear, the next step was commiting to a new website redesign.


The much needed change

Below is the previous website design and if you are not getting the results you are after then you must change something to get a different result.

Initially like any beginning, it may have brought in a certain result or acted as a stepping stone to something better.

Going from a grey dull tone, we were able to utilise the clients colour scheme to really highlight Daly Waters Beautiful location.

By doing this, it then has potential Brides to make an inquiry and head down to the location to get a feel for their special day.

New website builder for wedding reception venues

Brighten up your website design to stand out

Of course depending on your brand and what you want to achieve, we will work together for the best result.

Even websites with little colour scheme can stand out, as we have with other current clients, here we found by utilising Daly Waters colours it really made viewing of the website easier and more inviting.

With each section of the website standing out, directing the viewer’s attention to a focal point of interest.

Even the photos used stood out and created the feel the client wanted to promote for their potential newly weds.

Take a look at the images below or go directly to the new website for Daly Waters



So, how can we help you?

We are a website design and marketing company with more than 20 years of experience in advertising and sales marketing. How does that translate for businesses like Daly Waters and yours? Our aim is to use our expertise and knowledge to create the perfect marketing strategy fit for your business.

If you are looking for a website build, Get in touch with our team and let’s make that website design work for you!

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