Wedding Services Melbourne is a membership-based industry group offering a wealth of services and information all collected on one comprehensive website.

When Web Marketing Angels started working with Wedding Services Melbourne on this website design Melbourne job, the professionalism of the organisation’s members was clear from the outset. 

With ease-of-use at the forefront, the Wedding Services Melbourne website is broken down into each service, such as Catering, Ceremonies, Entertainment, Fashion, Memories, Receptions, and more. This allows couples and wedding planners to search through and view a selection of registered Wedding Services Melbourne businesses. As these businesses represent the pinnacle of industry standard, you can rest assured that each will go above and beyond to offer exemplary service. Using Wedding Services Melbourne is a far more efficient way to locate trustworthy wedding businesses than simply browsing through the vast sea of information online and hoping to come across the right one.

Wedding Services Melbourne - Melbourne Website Design

The website design itself is simple and understated, preventing it from feeling overcrowded and allowing the information to be presented clearly and succinctly. Arguably the most eye-catching element is the slick, specially designed logo at the top that expands and detracts as you scroll down the page. Each individual section of the home page has its own unique identifier icon all designed with a unified aesthetic, weaving together a neat, integrated look. The website’s simple white colouring naturally reminds one of a wedding while making the corresponding images pop with vivid luminosity.

Wedding Services Melbourne also offer extensive members only resources which can be found via a portal on the page footer. Next to this is a link to sign up your wedding business for membership along with current media partners and expo/event information. Adding to the package is a “Latest News” page at the top highlighting recent wedding trends and industry developments. Whether you run a wedding business or are planning your own, reading through and taking in these news articles will ensure you’re up to date with the latest!

Born from a desire to provide Melbourne with a definitive list of exemplary wedding resources, this website boasts a refined, user-friendly layout combined with an abundance of useful and painstakingly curated information. With this exciting new look, we’re certain that Wedding Services Melbourne will continue to grow and serve as the bedrock for the entire Melbourne wedding industry!

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Wedding Services Melbourne - Website Design Melbourne