Wedding and Bride is a locally based magazine featuring advertisers from every facet of the wedding industry. It features contemporary features and innovative editorials.

When Wedding and Bride approached Web Marketing Angels for a wedding website redesign, we quickly got to work. Priding itself on offering value for money, Wedding and Bride has 500 pages containing the latest trends, essentials for the bride-to-be, and it’s all in one convenient publication.

Spanning Melbourne, Queensland, and Western Australia via separate magazines, this magazine really is the ultimate in wedding planning. The design of the website itself is clean, relying on beautiful images of brides and grooms that convey the magic of a wedding. Each state has its own organised page. From each page, you’ll be able to navigate to separate pages for every facet of a wedding. You can click on each picture for more information on bridal fashion, groom fashion, celebrants, venues, entertainment, cake, flowers, jewellery, photography, transport and more. On each new page, there are links to individual vendors. You can also easily find these pages via a simple text-based menu at the top of the page. Additionally, on the top are links to events and expos, news and a Contact Us form for vendors who would like to be included in the publication.

Wedding and Bride - Wedding Website Design

There is a strong SEO element, because this website is a digital complement to the Wedding and Bride magazine. When there is so much competition and information hitting us left, right and centre, branding consistency is vital. That’s why the magazine and its website are linked to another site for Wedding and Bride Expo. It is an extension to the information featured on this website, and features information about their bridal expos.

The people at Wedding and Bride were ecstatic with the finished wedding website redesign. For your own website design and marketing needs, contact the team at Web Marketing Angels today.