Website Marketing – How to Promote Your Website

Building a website for your business is only the first step.  Without Website Marketing, all of the effort put into setting it up might end up being for naught.

Knowing how to promote a new website and attract traffic with effective website marketing is critical to the success of your business. This is especially so with a plethora of new sites and pages being uploaded to the Internet every day.

Website Marketing - How to Promote Your Website

Ways to Promote Your Business with Website Marketing

Check out these new website launch promotion strategies to ensure that your site receives the attention it deserves right away after it goes live.

1. SEO

Following the correct search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics is one of the most time-tested and successful ways to promote a new website.

SEO can take effort initially, but it is the bread and butter of digital marketing and is a critical part of any sustainable business marketing model.

2. Website Blog

Blogging has become one of the most effective methods for promoting new websites.

Blogs can be designed to teach potential customers about your products, demonstrate the value of your services, or even illustrate behind-the-scenes aspects of your company.

One of the most important reasons for blogging is for the regular addition of new content to your website. Google is a stickler when it comes to content, and much prefers websites that are updated regularly with fresh blogs and pages.

3. Social Media

Social media campaigns, which leverage sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote your site, are important for your business. There are both organic and paid options available.

With thousands of prospective customers across various social networks, the potential for profitable leads is enormous.

4. Press Release

This is a very industry-specific marketing avenue. If you are in an industry that loves a good press release, consider sending one out to announce the launch of your website.

These pieces of content are intended to objectively inform people in your community (online/local) that your website is live.

5. Make Sure You Include Your Website on All Promotional Material

While we’re face a much more digital marketing landscape, print is certainly not dead! Brochures and business cards are still very much in circulation. Be sure to include your website and email addresses on all printed material.

6. Add it Wherever You Can

It costs nothing to add your website link in email signatures, SMS messages and PDFs. Don’t be shy!

Looking at Effectively Promoting Your Website?

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