Web Designers vs Freelancers – Pros and Cons


When deciding between web designers vs freelancers, there are valid reasons for both. So which should you choose? Many factors will go into determining the type of website designer that best suit your needs. The argument between web designers vs freelancers is a valid one, with both having many advantages and a few disadvantages too.

Let’s discuss the factors that will help you decide between web designers and freelancers.

Web Designers vs Freelancers

The Size of Your Business

If you’re a startup or small business, a freelancer may be a more cost-effective option. They can offer competitive rates due to smaller overhead costs. They also tend to be more flexible and personalised in their approach to your business. A larger business with more complex needs will benefit from a web design agency, such as us, who offer a team of designers and developers. This enables them to handle bigger projects. They can get your website completed faster, and this may lead to gaining online business faster.

The scale of your project

If you have a straightforward project like a basic website redesign, a freelance designer is capable of handling the project.
In the case of a larger and more complex project, such as a multi-page website, an e-commerce website and SEO migration, a web design agency like Web Marketing Angels is a better option. They will ensure a streamlined and efficient process with fewer issues.

The Timeline

Digital Marketing Agencies have a structured process in place. Project managers oversee every aspect of your project, making sure it stays on track, ensuring your project is completed on time.

Web Designers vs Freelancers

Pros vs Cons of Professional Web Designers


Web Design often have a team of designers, developers, tech experts and more with specialised skills in their respective fields.
They have more people to work on your project. That’s likely to include a graphic designer, a web designer, web developers, SEO experts and digital marketing specialists. A freelancer may not have expertise in every single aspect of web design. Agencies often have better resources at their disposal than freelancers – the latest software, hardware, and design tools.


Some Digital Marketing Agencies can be busier, which means you may not have as close working relationship with them like you would with a freelancer.
It can cost you more as web design agencies have greater overhead costs.

Get The Right Team for Your Digital Marketing

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