Sometimes we don’t want to have a lot of information viewable all at once on the website. With out having to install another plugin to add a “Read More” function on text areas, there is another way we can achieve this using the Accordion Module.

  • Click to add a new Module (Grey Plus symbol)
  • Click on Accordion
  • Add New Accordion Item
  • For the title, this is the text that will expand out. The body is where the more information will go
  • Styling Tips:

Icon: Clear (otherwise default is a plus symbol)
Border: Clear
Border Width: 0px
Open Title Text Colour: clear
Closed Title Text Colour: your chosen colour
Toggle Open Background & Toggle Closed Background: use the same colour as your background to make it seamless

And the Final Product!

Keep the information that you would like to have visible in a Text box above the Accordion.

Read More

And this is the area where more information is placed and will expand when the “read more” (or the phrase you used) is clicked on!