The new Truganina Smash Repairs West Melbourne Website Design provides a new vehicle to boost the reach of the company Melbourne MPP.

Truganina Smash Repairs is a part of Melbourne MPP – Smash and Panel Repair, who are based in Derrimut and offer services all throughout Melbourne’s western suburbs. With over 25 years of combined experience and a team of versatile professionals, Melbourne MPP guarantees the highest level of care and assistance with all varieties of smash repairs.

To expand the breadth of the Melbourne MPP network, we created a new domain targeting the Truganina area with fresh information, consistent branding, and links tying it to the main website

As it is difficult to transport damaged cars, many prefer to search for a local repairer within their own suburb. As the suburb of Truganina is one of Melbourne MPP’s largest client bases, we felt that setting up a unique website targeted towards this specific area would help boost the company’s overall website traffic. If potential clients searched for something like “Truganina smash repairs,” this unique sister website immediately pops up, inviting more visitors into the Melbourne MPP network and cultivating a larger customer base.

Truganina Smash Repairs - West Melbourne Website Design

Consistent branding is a must!

The Truganina Smash Repairs website is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and hosts a suitable amount of relevant information accompanied by well-placed images. The website header also has a complimentary new logo that is consistent with the design of the original Melbourne MPP logo, which is important for good brand marketing.

The Home page outlines the various services offered by Truganina Smash Repairs, including insurance repairs, truck repairs, fleet smash repairs, and more, further hitting vital SEO-targeted keywords. The About Us page takes users to the main Melbourne MPP website, which provides an outline of the company, the services they offer, and the benefits of choosing them. Both the Services and Contact Us page are likewise connected to the Melbourne MPP website, with the former providing additional background on each service alongside images of past work while the latter lists a phone number, address, map, and form to get in contact. The website itself is presented in an agreeable blue, black, and light grey colour scheme, giving the business stylish contemporary flair while remaining grounded and friendly.

By targeting specific areas with a relevant customer base, the fresh, new Truganina Smash Repairs West Melbourne website design has been painstakingly SEO-optimised to boost both local and regional awareness of Melbourne MPP. We look forward to our continued work with Melbourne MMPP in helping to spread their good work all throughout Melbourne’s western suburbs and beyond!

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