A little help is something we could all do with. True North Hypnosis is a positive, effective tool providing that help when it’s needed.

Whether it’s personal or career growth, health concerns, relationship goals or just the path of life, True North Hypnosis uses hypnotherapy and life coaching as a strategy for allowing people to move forward in a meaningful and effective manner.

One of the key services offered by True North Hypnosis is hypnotherapy. Highly regarded as a treatment tool, hypnotherapy utilises relaxation techniques, imagery and the power of suggestion to assist people in achieving a positive mind-shift. It helps reprogram or reset your thinking patterns in order to break bad habits and reach personal goals.

Life coaching is essentially about a trusting, supportive relationship in which the client is able to set meaningful goals that they can work towards. As well as providing support, a life coach enhances the person’s ability to overcome barriers and remain focused and motivated on their purpose.

True North Hypnosis

While True North Hypnosis is centred on these two strategies, the aspects of your life that can benefit from this are varied. Issues surrounding eating and weight are a common area that people seek help for. This might include emotional eating, weight release or sugar addiction. Stress and anxiety are, not surprisingly, also symptoms that people are often looking to address. Something experienced by many is low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. These issues can hold people back from finding contentment and reaching for their dreams. With the right support, tools and strategies what seemed impossible can become achievable.

Whether you are looking to break habits, make big life changes or just want to tweak your life path, True North Hypnosis can help you turn words into action and maybe just change your life in the process.

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