A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) will change your life for the better. Check out Web Marketing Angels’ Top 5 CRM Systems to level up your business.

It’s time to take a leap into the future of business management with one of these fantastic Customer Relationship Management systems. We’ve got our top 5 CRM systems here to get you started on your journey.


This is our pick of the bunch, so we’re going to mention it from the outset. Pipedrive is an extremely powerful CRM tool that is dedicated to sales management. Prices start from US$29 per month, and this tool gives you a simple, easily customisable interface for managing workflow and client relationships. It has integrated email tracking, workflow management and custom permissions. It can also sync with some accounting systems such as Xero, which creates a more seamless process.

While Pipedrive doesn’t have much in the way of project management elements, its simplicity and versatility with customer relationship and sales management is a winner.


HubSpot CRM

This is getting a lot of attention due to advertising campaigns on social media, and due to the fact that they advertise it as a free CRM System. While the basic system is free, if you are after more advanced CRM and sales management features, you’ll need to fork out some money (starting at AUD68/month for 2 paid users). It’s getting some great reviews for its budget price (or lack thereof), so is worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for the best tool for your business. Starting at zero dollars to test the waters? Not much that can go wrong here.


Top 5 CRM Systems

Monday CRM

If you’re budget is a bit higher and you are looking for a flexible CRM that works for small business right up to enterprise, have a look at Monday CRM. A simple, fully customisable interface, automated workflows, and share tools for collaboration make it a neat little tool that packs a fair bit of power.

The best thing about Monday CRM is the variety of payment plans, from free basic user plans to larger plans for professional use and enterprise. The pricing is scalable and is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You’re bound to find a plan to suit, and you can check it out with a free 14-day trial.

Zoho CRM

We like Zoho CRM as well. In fact, we like all of these tools! What’s not to like? They help us stay organised and look great. Zoho CRM is flexible and scalable, with a reasonable pricing structure. It also integrates with other apps to create a seamless connection between your CRM and all your other digital tools.


Insightly has a suite of products, including their CRM. This one has been around for a number of years, but they recently stepped up the functionality, including a project management integration. The standard “Professional” plan is US$49/month, and features extensive customisation, MailChimp integration and dynamic layout rules. It also has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS.


Whatever you choose, whether it is from our Top 5 CRM Systems or a different product entirely, it’s hard to go wrong. Many of these tools have free trials or have no lock-in contracts, so we advise exploring the variety out there to see which one is best suited for your business.

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