If you love books that give you a hand-trembling thrill, then The Night Owl Chronicles by the Garcia Sisters might just be your next read!

The world of publishing has changed.  We have entered a new era where wonderful authors can hold the reins while they share their work with the world.  The Night Owl Chronicles is a powerful new book series that draws the reader in with its combination of horror and the paranormal.

The Garcia Sisters have unlocked the secret to a great thriller, with the first book in The Night Owl Chronicles setting the scene for plenty of heart-stopping moments.  Volume 1, The Door, is a page-turner that you won’t be able to put down.

The Night Owl Chronicles

The story’s journey begins with Josh Riley and his family being forced to move following a violent robbery.  In their new home, Josh experiences a string of terrifying and paranormal incidents, leading him to examine himself, their new home, and their safety.  Nobody believes him, and the questions far outweigh the answers he seeks.

Releasing such a gripping series, The Garcia Sisters needed a website to bring The Night Owl Chronicles to their audience.  A website that provides additional resources adds to the reader’s experience, and keeps them up to date with all the latest news regarding the series.

The Night Owl Chronicles

When you find a book you love, and you’re impatiently waiting for the next instalment, a great author website is important.  The Garcia Sisters can now engage with their readers on a whole new level, even if their readers are waiting for the next book release… Especially if they are waiting for the next book release!

Looking for your next great read?  Head over to The Night Owl Chronicles website, and grab your copy of The Door.  We know it won’t disappoint, and will keep you in suspense till the end.

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