United Media Group is an example of how Taking Your Business Online is not only a necessity, but a positive move in a very exciting direction.


Thanks to COVID-19, this year has seen a huge shift. In many sectors, the push towards a more digital approach has been swift and substantial. If you haven’t considered it already, taking your business online should top your list of goals for 2020.


While UMG (United Media Group) has had an online presence for some time now, the company recently decided to increase that presence significantly. The UMG team is living proof that taking your business online can be a smooth and enriching experience.

Web Marketing Angels - Taking Your Business Online - United Media Group

Web Marketing Angels has been working with UMG for a number of years now. The relationship began with event promotion and digital marketing for the renowned Wedding&Bride Bridal Expos and has grown over time.

UMG is now operating on an entirely new cyber-level, providing readers Australia-wide with lots of great content, as well as the ability to purchase publications online.

Could your business benefit from a similar strategy? There has never been a better time to ramp up your online marketing approach and boost the accessibility of your product. This is particularly true if the nature of your business is predominantly physical.

Converting a physical business into an online powerhouse takes foresight and precision. Understanding your product and market is just the beginning. The other elements that go into building a web-focussed enterprise – branding, design, content and technical expertise – can be overwhelming, without the right team by your side.

If you are interested in taking your business online, follow UMG’s lead and enlist the help of an experienced and trustworthy digital marketing specialist.

Whether you have brainstormed ideas to make the digital switch and are looking for support in their implementation, or need a bit more inspiration in navigating your path, the team at Web Marketing Angels can help. Contact us today for a chat and obligation-free quote.

Web Marketing Angels - Taking Your Business Online - Wedding & Bride