The website for South Yarra Soccer Club is a recent addition to the Web Marketing Angels portfolio.

Managing a large sports club can be overwhelming, so it is ideal to have a great website that keeps members informed and also helps promote the club to prospective members.  The South Yarra Soccer Club decided to do just that.

Starting in 1928, the South Yarra Soccer Club has grown to over 800 members, and has 23 Junior Teams and 10 Senior Teams.

The oldest remaining club in Victoria, the South Yarra Soccer Club started with humble beginnings, when a local saw some people kicking a ball in Fawkner Park, South Yarra.  They adopted the red and white uniforms, as a carryover from some of the original members wearing the red and white striped uniform of the Hartwell Soccer Club in Scotland.

A not-for-profit organisation, this club has a rich history and a focus on all of the wonderful things that team sports bring to the table – friendship and team-building, learning new life skills, health and connection.

With many teams achieving success in local, regional and state level competitions, the South Yarra Soccer Club stepped into the digital space with a website that suited its needs.

South Yarra Soccer Club

The active News page lets members and parents of younger members know what is happening within the club, as well as any achievements or notable news. The Resources page provides all of the procedures and policies in one handy place, and the Shop and Events pages provide extra features to make the lives of members and club management easier.

Sporting the South Yarra Soccer Club’s official colours of red and white, this attention-grabbing design is crisp and clean – just what the club was looking for.

If you are local to the South Yarra area and looking for a sporting club for yourself of your young ones, the South Yarra Soccer Club is the perfect family club!  Contact them to get involved in the upcoming season.

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South Yarra Soccer Club