We’re proud to announce the revamping of the South Yarra Soccer Club (SYSC) website with a stylish, easy-to-read layout boasting a plethora of helpful functions and useful information.

The South Yarra website design has been created to highlight the colour palette for the South Yarra Soccer Club – red and white – while providing information on each team, along with the latest news and events, resources, an online shop, a volunteer sign-up page, and more. 

Founded in 1928, the South Yarra Soccer Club is one of Victoria’s oldest soccer clubs. Nearing 100 years of serving the community through soccer teams, events, and associations, the club acts as one of many bedrocks for the local community. Based in Fawkner Park, Pasley Street in South Yarra, the club seeks to provide an opportunity for locals to form bonds, develop life skills, and understand the importance of teamwork. There are currently over 800 members with 23 Junior Teams, 10 Senior Teams, and lifetime members and families.

South Yarra Soccer Club - South Yarra Website Design

The new website was designed as a one-stop-shop allowing supporters and members of the SYSC to stay up to date with the latest news while allowing those interested in the club a way to find out more. Each section of the website is as follows:

  • Home Page: Provides an overview of the club along with the latest competitions and registration details.
  • About: Offers detailed club history and a link to the new player registration form.
  • News: Frequently updated with the latest club announcements, news, and developments.
  • Seniors: Provides detail on the SYSC men’s and women’s senior teams with registration information.
  • Juniors: An overview of the junior teams, including how to sign up your child, game dates and times, team profiles, and team managers. 
  • Shop: The shop links to the renowned online soccer merchandise store “Ultra Football,” where you can purchase team kits and more.
  • Events: This section lists all the upcoming events, providing an easy way to stay up to date with club games and more. Bookmarking this page will ensure you’ll always have the latest and correct times and dates. 
  • Contact Us: The email addresses and phone numbers of each club administration member.

On the website header are also direct links to club information, history, resources, and the volunteer sign up page. The resources section is particularly handy, as it contains all the vital information you’ll need prior to starting. This includes the Player Code of Conduct, Welcome Letter, Club Constitution, and more. For those interested in sponsoring the club, this is also where you’ll find the Sponsorship Application. On the right side are links to the SYSC Facebook and Twitter page, along with an email address for direct contact with a club representative. 

We’re certain that South Yarra Soccer Club members and players will appreciate this comprehensive online base housing everything they need to know about the club and events. With all the above information neatly organized and consistently updated, operations at the South Yarra Soccer Club will surely be smoother than ever before!

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