Roula Fenech is a corporate wellness and mindset coach, and educator. She works with organisations to prioritise the mental health of their staff.

When Roula Fenech asked Web Marketing Angels to create her web design Melbourne, we were excited to do it. Roula’s mission is to proactively work with organisations, leaders, and individuals to foster and develop a growth mindset. With that mindset, anything is possible.

Located in Melbourne’s Southeast and Eastern suburbs, Roula works with leaders and staff of organisations to create a culture that she refers to as regenerative. She will work to develop and improve a collective change mindset, creating an environment where regenerative behaviours are promoted for the growth of business and its people.

There are designed workshops for participants too learn to embrace change and deal with stressors in a different way. They will leave with practical tools, techniques that give them the ability to shift their mindset and upgrade unconscious behaviors.

Roula Fenech - Web Design Melbourne

The website has a soft grey and tan colour palette, to tie in with the idea of stress management within the workforce. There is a professional feel about the site, and photos of Roula’s workshops. A photo of Roula accompanies her own introduction, giving the whole site a more personal touch.

A menu at the top allows you to click on Services, leading to another page with a very detailed description of the content of her workshops. Information is placed under subheadings explaining what she and her team specialise in, the program objectives, how it works, the programs, and services. It is rare to find so much information and detail about courses like this, and it clearly illustrates that Roula wants to help organisations and individuals be their best selves.

Phone and email are at the top left corner, so the viewer can see contact details straight away. The call to action is placed several times throughout the site in the form of Contact, Contact Us, Work With Me and Book Consultation. The latter two create a sense of purpose and urgency, which is what every business should do.

The finished website was met with satisfaction as Roula was able convey her message clearly. For help with website design and marketing, be sure to contact the experts at Web Marketing Angels.