Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV) is an organisation promoting rights and supporting residents of retirement villages within Victoria.

The services offered by the Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV) include legal referrals, government advocacy, promotion of interaction between facilities, and the supply of general information. For vulnerable elderly Victorian residents, the RRVV offers a vital service ensuring that our older generations remain represented, protected, and informed. 

Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria have just received a brand-new Website Design Victoria presenting organisational information and available services. Designed with older users in mind, the website has tactfully foregone flashy frills in favour of clear-cut simplicity. This will help those unfamiliar with computers or the internet to learn about the RRVV and track down the service that meets their needs without becoming overwhelmed.

Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria RRVV - Website Design Victoria

The website Home page mostly consists of a feed presenting all the latest organisational news, allowing members to stay up to date with the community at large. The About Us page provides an overview of everything RRVV specialises in, and the FAQ page showcases a collection of questions and answers often documented at retirement villages. This Q&A format on the FAQ page makes finding relevant information more personalised and friendly and is believed to work more effectively than a simple list of problems and solutions. The next page is Links, which hosts an assortment of useful external information from relevant websites and agencies. 

As we predicted, many visit the website for specialised legal counsel. We also added a separate Legal Services page with the contact details for RRVV’s trusted and specialised lawyers. For those who couldn’t find the right information or are seeking clarification, the Contact Us page provides a mailing address, phone number, and contact form to get in touch with the RRVV. Having three different methods of contact guarantees that no one misses out no matter their computer literacy or current situation.

Great support for residents…

Lastly, there is a Resolving Disputes page, which is another of the most common services the RRVV deals with. The Victorian website design header also presents several links allowing interested parties to join the organisation, view committee members, read the newsletter, check out forthcoming eve

As you can see, while the information on the RRVV website is vast, it has been meticulously organised into clear, easy-to-understand subsections ensuring peak user-friendliness for all ages. We hope that this website will help strengthen the RRVV and allow retirees and other concerned parties to find the information they seek and reap the benefits of this fantastic organisation.

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