It’s the QR code revolution!

Where pixelated squares unlock endless possibilities for your business. In this digital age, standing out is essential, and QR codes are the (not so secret) secret to making your marketing efforts explode.

But, what are they, and how do you make them happen?

Great questions. 

QR what now?

Information like URLs, text, images, etc. are encoded into a pattern of black squares on a grid – a Quick Response (QR) code. When scanned, the data is extracted and voila, you are redirected to the information.

QR codes for covid
QR Codes used for shopping

DIY QR code generators

They may seem complicated but did you know, you can create your own QR code for just about anything, right now? Here are some of the best QR code generator sites we’ve found so far:

Uniqode (
Tailored for businesses & teams, Uniqode offers a dedicated QR code generation platform with tracking for analytics.

The QR Code Generator (

A top choice for simplicity and cost-effectiveness with free options. Easy one-page interface.




QR Code Monkey (

One-page interface with customisation. Generate a QR code with gradient colouring and you can even add your logo.

Adobe’s QR Code generator (
Part of Adobe Express, offering straightforward, free, and customisable QR code creation for URLs.

Canva’s QR Code generator (
Great option for one-shop marketing in Canva. Small learning curve, but worth it with the ability to embed your QR code in existing designs or create around it.

Rebrandly (
Focussed on branding and offering a quick and basic QR code generator. Subscription is required for QR creation starting from $0 with options for enhancements.

Flowcode (

Aim is to connect your offline fans to your online brand and drive conversion. Highly customisable with logo inclusion and pricing for varied budgets.


QR code for menu

From pixels to payday

So, you may be wondering how QR codes can help your business. How can we use these weird little pixel pockets to bring in customers, fans, and, well, money? Here are just a few ideas.

Promotions: Link to offers, discounts, and special deals.

Digital Menus: Restaurants and cafes can link customers directly to their menus.


Contactless Payments: Customers can make purchases using their smartphones.

Tourism and Attractions: Visitors can access more information or interactive experiences.

Appointment Scheduling: Direct customers to appointment scheduling platforms.

Instructional Guides: Link to instructional videos or user manuals to assist customers.

Business cards: Add a QR code to your website, products, social media, etc.

Rick roll: Yes, you can even set up a QR code to… THAT music video.

From pixels to payday

QR codes are brilliant marketing convenience with unlimited potential. They are a great way to improve engagement and conversations as well as interact with new customers. So how’s your QR game?

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