Prism Imaging Shop is a highly experienced printing company with years of experience under their belt.

With their brand-new Melbourne Photo Printing Website brought to you by Web Marketing Angels, all of their hard work and plethora of services are available at the click of a button.

Prism Imaging began its humble journey in an E6 processing lab and was established in 1989. The E6 process included the development of film rolls such as Kodak and Fujifilm and a variety of chemical baths to bring the photos to life. This was a popular choice of development, however, Prism Imaging kept on the trail of industry needs and began to include other services such as c41, Black and White printing, R3 printing and duplications.

Prism Imaging Shop – Melbourne Photo Printing Website

The establishment of the Prism Imaging Shop digital imaging facility in 1993 lead to Prism being the first to offer Victorians digital dye sublimation – the process of using heat to transfer dyes to cards and paper stock, in term generating stunning photographs. Digital dye sublimation also works for other materials too, including plastic and fabric!

With experience spanning over 25 years and up-to-date printing technology and practices, Prism Imaging Shop is a booming business with a passion for making memories last.

Prism Imaging Shop – Melbourne Photo Printing Website

The Melbourne Photo Printing Website created for Prism Imaging showcases the variety of services Prism has to offer. Currently, Prism works with a vast amount of materials, printing styles and sizes. Whatever your photograph needs may be, Prism can create high quality copies of your images.

Prism offers fine art printing or Giclée (which is a form of printing using fade-proof inks), film processing for the vintage photography fans out there, scanning, retouching, framing and mounting!

The array of materials available to print on are also vast, as nowadays the trend for modern homes include such materials as canvas, acrylic blocks, foam core, MDF, Di Bond, gator board and Phototex – to name a few! All of which are on offer from the Prism Imaging Shop.

Prism Imaging Shop – Melbourne Photo Printing Website

Web Marketing Angel is proud to introduce the Melbourne Photo Printing Website for Prism Imaging with its fully-responsive multi-page website, cart and in-depth blog section – and we know you’re just as excited to explore all the Prism Imaging Shop has to offer!

Whether you are looking to spice up your home with a professional family portrait, or a seasoned photography expert with specific needs and tastes, you can find just what you need at Prism Imaging.

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