primal ink


Are you looking to get a tattoo or have one removed? Do you need to know more information about a tattoo parlour’s services? Then you should check out the services of Primal Ink’s website by Web Marketing Angels.

For those of you looking to get a tattoo, Primal Ink can offer almost anything—spiritual, sci-fi, religious, realistic, portrait, Greek, flower, feather, black and grey, animal, script and lettering, mythical… even superhero.

Spiritual tattoos are a great way to express a person’s individuality and spirituality, while sci-fi and superhero tattoos are a great way for sci-fi and comic fans to express their love for the genre. Religious tattoos are a great way to express one’s faith, and symbols are actually quite popular and prevalent in many tattoo designs. Primal Ink not only offer spiritual and religious tattoos, they can also design mythological ones, especially Greek and mythical.

For those who have a preference for artistic tattoos, realistic and portrait tattoos are the way to go. Realistic tattoos are meant to look like a photograph on the skin, while portrait tattoos are ideal for those who want to commemorate a family member or loved one. Artistic tattoos tend to be harder to execute, however Primal Ink’s head tattooist is more than capable of creating these works of art.

For those who are looking for something subtle that also expresses sentimental meaning, flowers and feathers would be the way to go. Animal tattoos are another popular option. Primal Ink are experts in both colour and black and white tattoos. Other options include: black and grey tattoos where colour is omitted, white ink tattoos which are done with a UV white ink, and script and lettering, which can be done in a small size.

For tattoo removal, Primal Ink provides laser tattoo removal services. They use the latest equipment, which includes a Q-switch laser machine, a Koolio cooling unit and infrared LED advanced healing. Laser tattoo removal is gradually done through multiple 5-20 minute sessions for one-to-two months. For those who might have affordability issues in getting a tattoo removed, or might not want to face a laser, a good alternative would be a cover-up tattoo.

So, if you’re looking to get a tattoo or have one removed or covered, Primal Ink can take care of you and your inking needs.