Eco Grind are experts in polished concrete, so the team at Web Marketing Angels was proud to be chosen by Eco Grind for their polished concrete website design Melbourne!

For this polished concrete website design Melbourne, strong and demonstrative imagery was paramount.  When you create beautiful floors every day your website should reflect this!  For prospective customers, before and after comparisons, examples of latest work and descriptions of work processes all go a long way towards deciding on a polished concrete service.

This website includes a unique and stunning colour scheme – greys and greens to highlight the images and stand out from the crowd in a rapidly growing industry.  It includes pages outlining Eco Grind’s different services, social media links, FAQ, a Contact page and Latest Work.

Eco Grind is a perfect example of a company that is grabbing the digital marketing bull by the horns – and it’s working for them!  Web Marketing Angels didn’t just build their website, but continues to work for them in other areas of digital marketing – site updates, latest works, blogs, social media marketing and Google.

At Web Marketing Angels, we help many companies with all their digital marketing needs.  Take a leaf out of Eco Grind’s book –  contact the Angels today and get your business moving too!

Polished Concrete Website Design Melbourne