While the NFL Super Bowl is an institution in the US, the Super Bowl commercials aren’t far behind in the iconic stakes. What were your Favourite Super Bowl Ads for 2021?

Every year, as millions watch the event live on television, they also get to experience an ever-growing cultural phenomenon – the advertisements. Not your run-of-the-mill ads, the favourite super bowl ads are renowned for their humour, special effects, cinematographic quality, and storytelling.

They also usually feature celebrity cameos and are huge business – with a huge price tag! With the viewer reach, however, they are usually worth every dollar spent.

For the public, they are also highly anticipated, reviewed, and enjoyed. Here are our favourite super bowl ads for 2021.

Lenny Kravitz for Stella Artois

With a sweet message for all, Lenny points out that we are born with 2.5 billion heartbeats and advises everyone to invest wisely.

Amy Schumer as The Fairy Godmayo

Hellman’s Mayhonnaise went straight for star comedy power, enlisting Amy Schumer for the role of “The Fairy Godmayo”.

Mila and Ashton Argue Over Cheetos

This commercial is getting a lot of attention, especially with the star power of its main players – Hollywood funny couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Dan Levy and the M&M Adventure

The Schitt’s Creek star had a dicey relationship with an M&M in this winning Super Bowl commercial.

John Cena – Competition Time for Mountain Dew

Imagine a world where you can do monitor blood glucose without a needle! Nick Jonas taught us that medical tech company Dexcom has created a system that can do just that.

Nick Jonas with a new Gadget for Diabetes Patients

The Schitt’s Creek star had a dicey relationship with an M&M in this winning Super Bowl commercial.

Maya Rudolph and Gorgeous Tiny Horses

Cute plus animals are always a winner at the Web Marketing Angels office, and tiny horses are no exception. Swedish bank Klarna has cashed in on the sweetness!

General Motors and the Electric Car Pledge!

We’re loving this one! Will Ferrell was joined by Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina in this extended big game commercial. So far, Norway is leading the US in electric car production, sparking a drop of competitive spirit by GM.

Toyota’s Tearjerker with Jessica Long

Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long is the star of this story feature by Toyota, as they share her amazingly heartfelt story with the world.

Doordash Delivers to Sesame Street!

This is one of our favourite super bowl ads for obvious reasons – who doesn’t get a flutter of nostalgia when they see Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew? Daveed Diggs joined the team to help with the remixed classic “People in Your Neighbourhood.”

To be honest, we enjoyed a lot of the super bowl ads this year and found it tricky to pick our favourites. The advertising bar has been lifted once again!

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