We live in the digital era of memes, apps and instantaneous communication.


Online marketing gives the small, local business a direct avenue to their consumers. You can start a conversation, promote your product and raise awareness of your brand. Online marketing allows you to unique target your consumer in a cost-effective way.

online marketing

What is online marketing?

We can break down marketing into the 5 Ps. Online marketing introduces a new dimension to each of these elements:

Product. This is what you’re selling as a whole. This refers to the product itself as well as the packaging. For example, if you are selling eco-friendly clothing, you should consider minimal packaging that is easily recyclable. With online marketing, you are referring to the entire consumer buying experience from recommended items to ease of check out.

Price. This positions your product: are you looking to strike the balance between luxurious and affordable? The quality should reflect the pricing. Online marketing also introduces new payment strategies such as Afterpay and lay-by options.

Promotion. Although this sounds pretty self-explanatory, online marketing opens up new channels of communication for you to engage with your customers. With social media and messaging apps (such as Whatsapp App, Skype and WeChat), you can reach your customers in an entirely different way.

Place. This is all about your product delivery. Consumers want what they want and they want it now. Unlike traditional marketing avenues, online marketing can respond more efficiently. It takes context and convenience into account, letting customers make those ‘in-the-moment’ purchases.

People. Last but not least, you cannot build your business with people. It’s about your customers. Answer their enquiries online in a timely manner, and provide them with interesting information and content about your product.

online marketing

Benefits of online marketing

Consumers are changing their purchasing decision. Online marketing has moved away from traditional mass marketing techniques to reflect this. It helps you personalize communication with your customers, it emphasizes convenience so that consumers can make their decision from the comfort of their own phones and it has a further reach – distance ain’t nothing but a number!

If you are a small, local business, get ready to break down barriers with an online marketing campaign. Meet your customers where they are. Shatter glass ceilings and glass screens.

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