Web Marketing Angels created a Mornington Website Design for Mornington Document Shredding as a stylish partner website to boost SEO rankings.

iShred are one of Melbourne’s leading document destruction services offering on-site, fully secure, and environmentally friendly paper shredding and more. They also work in the Mornington Peninsula area and wanted a website design to reflect that Mornington Document Shredding branch of the business.

Aiming to take the burden of document destruction away from busy Melbourne businesses, iShred, with Mornington Document Shredding, allows clients to get back to work and rest easy knowing their workplace is operating at peak efficiency and security. 


Mornington Document Shredding - Mornington Website Design

Target a specific audience

While iShred already has a main website promoting their services to Melbourne, their client base has recently grown exponentially in the Mornington Peninsula area, leading to the idea of creating a brand-new sister site curated towards Mornington residents and businesses. Running parallel to the main site, this narrowing of scope and network expansion will help boost overall search rankings and promote the entire iShred business. Furthermore, the new site is broken down into different Mornington Peninsula suburbs, with keywords like “Mt Martha Document Destruction” appearing to further localise the business and boost rankings. 

With numerous pages summarising each service, the information on the website is thorough and comprehensive. Rather than grouping them all under a single section, we made each service its own dedicated page with an accompanying image and several paragraphs. This includes pages on on-site shredding, office/warehouse shredding, secure bins, and more. There is also an FAQ page written in a friendly, easy-to-read format answering the majority of questions clients have about the business. Lastly, there is a Contact Page with a form to ask questions and book an appointment, along with a phone number and direct email address for more pressing concerns. 

Aesthetically, the website boasts a sharp, snappy contrast between a pleasing light blue and crisp black/white. This radiates a modern, professional aura that also pairs the company-wide colour scheme, including that of the shredding trucks and bins themselves, providing a pleasing sense of unity. 

With this comprehensive SEO optimisation and haul of helpful information, iShred’s Mornington Document Shredding will doubtlessly continue jumping up the search rankings in both the Mornington area and Melbourne as a whole. We look forward to witnessing their further success and expansion! 

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Mornington Document Shredding - Website Design Mornington