How important is it that you have a mobile-friendly website, I hear you ask?

Look around – wherever you are you’ll see people browsing the internet on their smartphones or tablets.

So in answer to your question – in today’s digital climate, a mobile-friendly website is essential.

And it’s not just to attract visitors.  Google is now changing its ranking requirements, and favouring websites that are mobile-friendly.  Without a mobile-friendly website, your website could be completely lost!

You could have the most beautiful-looking website going around, but if it isn’t mobile-friendly you’ll quickly lose visitors – a lot of visitors!

Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s not sufficient to have a stunning website design that looks amazing on a big screen.  Not when Australians are increasingly doing their day-to-day research, browsing and shopping on smaller, mobile devices.

So if you’re current digital business face isn’t already a mobile-friendly website, you should make sure it is!  Your visitors will often be people on the go, and the only time they have to check out your website is on the train, sitting having a quick coffee, or while waiting for the bell to go at school pick-up.

Not sure whether your website is mobile-friendly?  Check out this handy tool, it will answer the question quickly for you!

Visitors to your website should be able to view it without needing to pinch or zoom the pages.

If you like your current website but it needs some tweaking to make it mobile-friendly, it’s best to have a chat to a developer that specialises in functional design.

So for those of you who have a website that is older, that uses out-dated platforms, or was built using Flash, you may need to go back to the drawing board for a new website design.

It can all seem a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so here is a quick checklist – you can check this against your current website, or take it to a website design company as a guide to what you’re looking for.

A Handy Checklist!

A mobile-friendly website:

  • Is quick to load
  • Is easy to read and easy to navigate
  • Has a hamburger-style menu (essential, otherwise you can’t select the menu items)
  • Does not require the user to pinch or zoom on the screen
  • Does not use Flash (most devices don’t support Flash)
  • Has images that adapt to different sized devices intuitively
Mobile-Friendly Website

Ideally, any web design company you work with should include a mobile-friendly website as part of your design package.  This should not be an optional extra, but a critical aspect of your website.  At the very least, ensure that the above criteria are met, so that you don’t find yourself with an obsolete website before it even hits digi-land!

If you’re not sure whether your current website can be adapted to be mobile-friendly, or you are looking for a new website that takes advantage of the mobile shift in digital marketing, Web Marketing Angels are here to help.

We understand how important it is that you capture your target audience, not chase them away with a website that they can’t navigate easily in their busy world!

Contact Web Marketing Angels today for a no-obligation, free quote, and get your mobile-friendly website up and running – your business will thank you!