Memory Casts is part of Paint a Pot studios. There, you can make plaster or ceramic keepsakes that capture memories of loved ones.

An ever-growing form of art, Memory Casts are fun to make – and you can learn how to do it at Paint a Pot studios. Web Marketing Angels were only too happy to create a website to help everyone harness their own creativity.

Plaster is a timeless medium for capturing memories of babies, bigger kids, families, and fur-babies. Using plaster, anyone can turn hands, feet and paws into gifts or keepsakes to be cherished. Memory casts, wall casts, sculptures – there are so many options. This is a beautiful gift of a moment in time, captured as art. You can even have your child’s or pet’s hand/foot/paw print on a variety of ceramic items. Mugs, bowls, plates, platters make fantastic gifts for occasions like birthdays, Mothers and Father’s Day or Christmas.

This is a brochure website, part of a suite of websites for Paint a Pot. Consistent branding is key to staying on top of competitors. This website links to all the other parts of Paint a Pot, like Casey Art Classes. Linking all sites from every part of the company is a great SEO tool.

Memory Casts - Narre Warren Website Design

This particular site has four memory casts of a baby’s foot on the landing page. The feet are all in different positions and painted in different colours. It’s a pictural representation of the term ‘memory casts’, so at one glance, a visitor has a solid idea of what this is all about.

The Paint a Pot Studios logo is right in the middle of the home page and the words ‘Paint’, ‘Play’ and ‘Café’ tell the visitor what they can do here. A menu at the top of the page will lead the viewer to information regarding kids’ parties, art classes, café & paint and paint & play centre.

The studio’s social media links are at the bottom of the page. Phone and email are at the top and bottom, so it’s easy to contact them.

The team at Paint a Pot were thrilled with the website. For all your website design and web marketing needs, be sure to contact the experts at Web Marketing Angels.