When planning a wedding, things can often feel overwhelming. Imagine if there was a one-stop shop where you could find exceptional wedding services – hassle free. Melbourne Wedding Group is just that.

At Web Marketing Angels, we know that the wedding planning journey is a huge part of the wedding experience. The experienced members of the Melbourne Wedding Group know this too.

As a result, their goal is to give brides- and grooms-to-be continuity of service, with businesses that know each other well and have a strong working relationship.

With over 30 Melbourne suppliers as members, the Melbourne Wedding Group was founded in 2010. Their vision is to help couples create a magical wedding day without the stress of wading through a sea of service providers.

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A significant part of the success of Melbourne Wedding Group is the benefit of group marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing within an industry such as this one, strength in numbers really does apply. All of the members of the group support each other, while the group itself is committed to creating a powerful online presence and ensuring it is accessible to couples all over Melbourne.

This is where Web Marketing Angels steps in!

Tina Stent, the director of Web Marketing Angels, believes that the relationship between the two organisations is unique and highly effective. “Web Marketing Angels has built the Melbourne Wedding Group website and works closely with many of the members on an individual business level to provide websites, digital marketing, advertising, social marketing and content management services.” Stent is a big advocate for research when it comes to choosing your wedding suppliers. “Research! Use all the mediums available to research your prospective wedding supplier,” she says. “You only have one chance to pick the best.”

In order for a business to benefit when couples to do this all-important research, there are some critical elements that need to be addressed.

A company’s online presence needs to be strategic, consistent, streamlined and measured. It is also important that there are fresh content updates, and that business owners regularly monitor their website and digital marketing strategies to ensure they are working optimally.

The Melbourne Wedding Group knows this, and make sure that these aspects are addressed on a consistent basis.

Having worked with the group for some time now, the Web Marketing Angels team understands how important great service is to its members. The experienced and highly regarded members of this non-profit organisation cover all areas of the industry.

Wedding Industry Website

So, who are these members, and what are their thoughts on such an important organisation within the wedding industry? We have some insights from a few of them below…

Josephine Bastone from Romeo Bastone Couture refers to the team aspect of the group, which “is a formidable group of industry professionals from vast services within the wedding industry, “ Josephine says. “Only reputable wedding business services are part of the Melbourne Wedding Group – hence a one-stop destination for any engaged couple planning their forthcoming wedding. In addition, amazing friendships have eventuated by such networking through Melbourne Wedding Group.”

Triple R Luxury Car Hire has been a member of the organisation for many years. Alex Jovanovic, from the award winning transport company, believes “the passion and knowledge that all suppliers have and share is amazing. “ He says, “It’s so great to work with family where everyone is on the same page and has the same attitude to providing the best service possible to our couples. I love helping couples create the wedding of their dreams, and offering the best transport solution for their day.”

When you see the members of this dynamic group in action at weddings, you can’t help but notice the difference that comes from people experienced in working together to build a seamless event. The Melbourne Wedding Group meets regularly, whether it is for industry meetings or social get-togethers. There is a fluid chemistry between members – they are dedicated and work together harmoniously, and always have each couple’s best interests at heart.

A reliable and inspired hair and beauty team is a vital part of any bride’s big day. Magical Makeovers has been building a solid reputation as an industry leader for 25 years. Starting small, this company now has an extensive team of beauticians all over Victoria. Director Kerrie Gargano stresses the importance for her company to be part of a supportive industry group. “Being part of Melbourne Wedding Group has enabled our business to receive and recommend brides with 100 per cent confidence. It’s a one-stop shop for experienced wedding professionals, whom not only have years of experience in the industry, but all know each other and work well as teams for our brides and grooms.”

Marcus Prentice, from Feel Good Events, is clear about the time- and cost-saving advantages of sourcing suppliers from the group, which is “a great resource if you don’t want to spend hours searching for suppliers.” He believes that they all learn from each other and from their experience. As each member is screened and known to other members, the standard of services within the group are extremely high.

One of the newest members of the Melbourne Wedding Group, Matt Jefferies Entertainment, is passionate about “making people happy and seeing couples enjoying their special day.” This is what motivates Matt Jefferies every day to bring quality entertainment to Melburnians. The experience and knowledge of other members of the group have been invaluable to Jefferies. “Couples can benefit when you hire a group of talented businesses for the one wedding, because we all know each other well, [which] helps create a better final outcome.”

When planning your wedding, there is a lot of advice handed out. Members of the Melbourne Wedding Group all have very similar suggestions to brides- and grooms-to-be for when it comes to effective wedding planning.

They suggest doing extensive research, which includes reading independent reviews and checking out past work. They also recommend booking your favourite service providers early on in the planning stages to avoid disappointment.

The most important thing, however, is to have fun. The process should be enjoyable and exciting, just as your wedding day should be a fun experience for everyone involved. Remember what is important to you, and turn your focus and your budget in that direction!

If you want to save time and stress by finding reliable, experienced wedding suppliers in once convenient place, visit www.melbourneweddinggroup.com.au. It really is your one-stop wedding shop!